The forms of plagiarism include verbatim plagiarism, paraphrase plagiarism, multiple source copying, and accidental plagiarism. Among these forms, one of the most notorious is the verbatim plagiarism. This form is committed when a person copies an entire text from a certain source. It is considered as a serious case of plagiarism and should be avoided at all costs. Otherwise, you can get punished heavily for committing verbatim plagiarism. This article will discuss to you all the things that you need to know about verbatim plagiarism and how you will be able to combat it using the plagiarism tool.

Verbatim Plagiarism – A Formal Definition

To start, let us first know what verbatim plagiarism is. For this, we need to have a formal definition. Verbatim plagiarism is basically the process of copying from a source and copying that text entirely without changing anything. To put it simply, verbatim plagiarism occurs when you steal an entire text from someone. This is not allowed because you are acting as if you were a thief. But this time you are not stealing any concrete things, you are stealing information from someone. This should be avoided at all costs.

Prohibition of Verbatim Plagiarism

Verbatim plagiarism is not allowed in both the academic world and the internet. This is the main reason why those people who commit verbatim plagiarism are subjected to a lot of punishments. In the academic world, people who do verbatim plagiarism automatically get failing grades. Some are even suspended while others get expelled. The degree of punishments actually depends upon the degree of plagiarism committed. So the more serious plagiarism is, the heavier the punishment that you will receive. On another note, it does not mean that you can commit plagiarism provided that it is not serious. Whether you commit verbatim plagiarism in the least serious way, you will still get heavy punishments for committing it. That is why just avoid committing verbatim plagiarism at all costs.

Combatting Verbatim Plagiarism

Perhaps the most effective way to combat verbatim plagiarism is to practice writing and understanding the things that you want to include into your paper. When you write and borrow information from some sources, make sure to understand the message that you want to convey to the readers of your text. This will help you paraphrase effectively. In addition, you may use citations, quotations, and reference styles to avoid plagiarism. As long as you acknowledge the source of information that you borrow, you will not be accused of direct word per word plagiarism.

In addition, another effective way to combat verbatim plagiarism is by using a tool called the plagiarism tool which is a tool that you can use to know if your paper is already 100 percent original thereby allowing you to avoid verbatim plagiarism at all costs.


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