Skin Tag Removal – What is the Best Way to Remove Skin Tags on the Eyelids

skin-tag-removerSkin tags- We often hear this word in our everyday lives but most of us have little understanding of what skin tags really are. Simply put, a skin tag is a small skin growth or tumor that builds up on normal skin. They are connected to the skin through thin tissues known as peduncles or stalks. They are typically a few millimeters thick. Skin tags can be of similar color with the surrounding skin or they can be a little pigmented. They are usually found on the neck, armpits, eyelids, under the breasts, groin or genital areas, and under skin folds.

Medically called acrochordons, skin tags are normally harmless and non malignant. However, just like other skin conditions, they have the possibility of becoming cancerous. They can also appear without any visible symptoms as well.

Skin tags can be unsightly, and some people resort to having them removed. But before you attempt to remove any suspected skin tag, you should be totally sure that you are in fact dealing with one. Once you have determined that what you will be dealing with is indeed a skin tag, you can start working on home remedies for it. Using a piece of thread or dental floss is a common home remedy. You can try tying a piece of thread or dental floss around the base of the skin tag then cut the skin tag off above the piece of thread or dental floss that you have tied around its base. Be sure that you will use thoroughly cleaned sharp scissors or nail clipper in cutting the skin tag off.

Another method is through the use of castor oil and baking soda. This procedure is more intrusive as you will need to mix the two ingredients together until they form a thick paste to be applied on the skin tags frequently or several times a day. This mixture may eventually dry up the skin tags in about two weeks.

There are also over the counter solutions that can be used to remove skin tags. Most of the time, these solutions are meant for wart removal. A lot of wart removal solutions are more effective as skin tag removal solutions. And most skin tag removal solutions are less effective than having the skin tag cut off.

Typically, skin tags do not reappear when you have them removed. However, if skin tag manifestations recur on the same site, it would be best to consult a physician. About the Author Mole removal cost can vary but it is a simple process. An other way to remove skin tags effectively is to use a topical solution like dermabellix skin tag solution that is available in the market. It has got big attention and raving reviews from its customers all over the world. Customers are very much satisfied with it and are recommending it for a quick skin tag removal. Here are some salient features of dermabellix:

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